RoomBox step by step
RoomBox video

Login interface

Let’s start. The first thing is to enter your username and password.

Importar dwg

Folders and projects interface

Learn what the project and folder interface look like.

Crear suelos

Private and public gallery interface

Let’s take a look at the gallery interface.

Crear Nuevos Estilos

Styles Creation Interfaz

And how do we give style to our project? Here we will learn to create different styles.


Interfaz Renders

We’ll see how to launch the renders later.

Limpiando Autocad

Cleaning plans in Autocad

We will learn how to prepare the Autocad blueprints to be able to import them correctly in RoomBox.

Importar dwg

Importing blueprints

In this video we will learn to import a dwg file in our RoomBox project.

Crear suelos

Building floors

In this video we will learn how to create floors using the blueprints that we have previously imported.

Extruir paredes

Extruding walls

Once the floors are created, we will raise the walls of our project.

Extruir entrada

Extruding doors

In this video we will learn how to add doors to our RoomBox project.

Extruir Ventanas

Extruding windows

In this video we will learn how to add the windows inside our project.

Añadir segunda planta

Importing the blueprint for another floor

And if our plan is of two floors we will learn how to add the second floor of our project.

Extruir Escaleras

Creation of stairs

Once we add the second floor we’ll learn how to add the stairs to our project.

Extruir rodapié

Creation of skirtings and moldings

In this video we will learn how to add skirting boards in our RoomBox project.

Añadir Materiales

Aplication of materials

Once the styles are created, let’s see how to add different materials to the project.

Añadir objetos a la escena

Adding assets to the scene

In this video we will learn how to add objects within our RoomBox project.

Lanzar renders

Adding lights to the scene

It’s almost ready! Let’s learn how to add the lights we want to our project.


Launching the renders

Once we have our project ready, we will launch the render to check the final result.