The Multilight function will allow you to change the lighting of the project once finished without having to launch new renders in real time. Evaluate and decide on different lighting with a single render!

Render en cloud Render in Cloud

RoomBox includes a cloud rendering option with a major speed advantage over traditional render. Do not depend on your computer! Take advantage of the Cloud and enjoy much faster rendering!

Cientos de objetos  Thousands of objects

RoomBox includes an extensive gallery of leading firms’ 3D objects for decoration and construction. You can also create your own private gallery. Both will be hosted in the cloud. Share projects and objects with your work team and work on projects in an agile and dynamic way.

Levantar 2D en 3D en minutos Bring 2D to 3D

 Use an AutoCAD, Rhino or Revit plan to quickly create your 3D model.  In a few clicks you will have a three-dimensional environment to decorate with different types of furniture, materials and lighting, creating multiple decorative styles in a single project.

realista Realistic Render

Get photorealistic visualizations based on the renowned Maxwell Render engine, integrated in RoomBox. All decorative objects, lights and materials that you integrate into your project are already configured for immediate rendering. Generate all the hyperrealistic images you want, including 360º visualizations.

Estilos ilimitados  Unlimited Styles

Try unlimited combinations of furniture and interior design styles. Add and remove objects to your liking, modifying materials and textures freely to fit the style you are looking for. Thousands of combinations at your fingertips!