I am an interior designer! (in my spare time)

I am a virtual interior designer. A cook. A programmer. I am whatever I wish to be in my free time (and beyond). In a world full of opportunities and resources we feel more and more empowered to do what we love, develop new skills, and even turn our hobbies into a career.

DIY Culture or I can do this!

Perhaps it has to do with the Do-it-yourself (DIY) culture and the can-do-attitude so sought after by companies. Do it yourself, do it your own way, be independent. Often a synonym for handicrafts, DIY has been expanding across industries as people take a leap and explore their hobbies and interests in detail.

We have all come across the story of the stay-at-home mom/dad turned professional baker, but the DIY culture goes way beyond that. Sometimes it is a new career path, sometimes it is just for fun. What matters is that we are eager to learn and do more by ourselves.

Apart from that culture and attitude, there is an overflowing amount of (often free) resources for the average person to tap in and specialize in a new activity.

Virtual interior design for the masses

In the interior design world, there is so much you can “do yourself”. Many people have a natural talent for style and decoration, an eye for detail, and a never-ending curiosity for what’s new and trendy. Plus, if the starting point is your current, future, or even fictitious dream home, then who is a greater expert than you?

According to The Guardian interior design has become “mainstream” and “for the masses”. It claims that there is a correlation between the rise of interior design apps and the declining homeownership of millennials. It is like we are living the dream online, in an imaginary world, because in the current economy it has become nearly impossible to purchase and furnish that “forever house”. In the virtual world, however, we not only own that home but we can also style it as we wish with great gusto. Easily become a virtual interior designer with a platform like RoomBox – a paradise for virtual spaces as close to reality as one wishes.

“The Inspo”

What is more, the industry is on the rise with numerous binge-watching worthy shows like Extreme Makeover and the infamous twin brothers, the list just keeps growing. This is some serious inspiration for all interior design lovers! But it is not just TV, social media like Pinterest and especially Instagram are design-filled outlets where you can just keep scrolling and scrolling, clicking related hashtags, and spending hours soaking in all the inspo and knowledge available. Social media has also become a stage for all aspiring designers, allowing them to build up an online portfolio and showcase their work and passion, reaching an audience as wide as they can.

In the words of interior designer herself Christina Higham, Instagram has “made people feel that anyone can be a designer because they have all of these things at their fingertips.”

We are living in a tech world

Whether we are just playing around for fun or actually designing a place, we need the tech tools to create, in order to, later on, showcase our projects. To get to Pinterest or Instagram with original work we first have to find that platform that will enable us to let our interior designer out in our free time.

This is where RoomBox comes in real handy. On one hand, it is like a Sims game for designing your home (or any interior space for that matter). So easy it feels like an actual game. On the other hand, what you are playing with are real-world furniture pieces that you can purchase if you are looking to buy/sell your creation. It is a win-win regardless of your intention. Be that talented virtual interior designer in your spare time or visualize your dream home online before making it real.