How to make a piece of furniture the focal point of a room

Each space has a piece of furniture that is essential. From a comfortable sofa in the living room, where the family gathers to watch movies, to the dining table to share some delicious moments. These key pieces of furniture clearly fulfill a function above all else, but that does not mean that they have to disappear among all the others, moreover, they should be in the spotlight.

Here are some tips to highlight and make any piece of furniture the focal point of a room using RoomBox.

Play with the space at hand

1) When adding furniture to a room, avoid placing it flat against the wall. For example in a dining room, we can position the furniture in larger spaces to bring family and friends to the center of the room. In this way the table and chairs facilitate conversation.

Likewise, the furniture should be oriented around a main point. In the living room, this can be the television or a large coffee table, or in the dining room, the focal point, for example, can be a lighting element.

Furniture with a story

2) Dining room spotlights, like a dramatic chandelier, are guaranteed to be the center of attention at any dinner party. This eye-catching design not only tells a story, it grabs our attention and sparks our interest.

Mirror on the wall and more

3) Mirrors can seemingly brighten and enlarge any dim or dim area, but they can also be an impact piece in themselves. Not only large mirrors look luxurious. A magnificent small mirror also adds a sense of grandeur to a dressing room.

More than furniture

4) A symbolic piece can actually be a combination of several ideas that are constantly repeated. A coffee table in a living room is a focal point that can make the area more welcoming.

If the table you want is on the small side, you can add a similar-looking rug to make it look bigger. Simple but effective.

In the spotlight

5) Lighting is an underappreciated interior design element that can highlight a piece of art or bring a piece of furniture to life. Adjustable lighting can also allow you to quickly change the mood of a space, from bright and open to dim and focused on a mantel or a specific seating area.

This can be achieved by strategically placing and stacking different light sources, such as recessed lights, work lights, and spotlights.

Color power

6) Color can also help us establish a focal point, and it doesn’t have to be everywhere. A wall, painted in a bright tone, can help attract attention. This wall can make the furniture in front of you stand out, even more, proving that it’s not just the furniture that stands out.

As we have seen, there are different tricks to make a piece of furniture the focal point of a room. Some are more intuitive while others may seem risky to try. It is worth doing multiple tests in a safe and easy-to-navigate virtual environment like RoomBox before putting any advice into practice since your space and your needs are unique. And so is your furniture.