How it works

Create and decorate any space with RoomBox, fun and easy!

Your new virtual showroom in 3D

Add RoomBox to your toolkit and get more sales than ever. Offer your customers a personalized project with photorealistic images in just a few minutes. 

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RoomBox features and functionalities

Design, sell and buy as if playing a game – the whole nine yards.

Cloud rendering

Get photorealistic images of your projects in just one click.


Simulate the real lighting of the space to create different environments.

More sales

Get more sales with a unique realistic experience designing any space.

Walk view

Walk through your design and experience the space from any  angle you like.

Products in 360º

Let your customers discover your products from all angles, with great realism.


Easily add RoomBox to your toolkit and make it your go to when designing client projects. No training needed. 

Scene variations

Switch up your window view, natural and artificial lighting. Check out your scene in night mode!

3D Plans

Get started by creating your 3D plan in seconds and start placing your furniture straight away.


Product Gallery

Set up your product gallery as you like for the best customer experience. 

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