When it comes to decorating a new home from the ground up, it can be a bit daunting. Which color of paint should I use? Should I get a three-seater sofa or a sectional one? What rug size do I require? A blank decorating slate may appear intimidating at first glance, but with a project management approach and the use of RoomBox, you’ll find that making decisions is much easier.

Make a strategy

The first steps decorating include figuring out what you want to achieve. You’ll need a strategy to accomplish this. Start gathering ideas from interior images of your favorite furniture, textures, and materials. To keep a clear and coherent vision in one place, put everything into a folder.

To begin, open RoomBox and use the wall-creating tool to add the dimensions of your room. Place your doors and windows using the library’s vast selection of items.

After that, choose every piece of furniture you want and add it to your RoomBox project. Side tables, sofas, lounge chairs, entryway consoles, and bar cabinets are all good options. Have you ever wished for a chaise lounge? Perhaps you’d like a vanity to use in the morning to get ready? Place everything on the table to see what you have to work with.

Place these items in a floor plan to see which ones make the cut once you’ve determined your needs and wants.

At this point, a meter is never too much. Make sure you leave enough space between all the furniture using the ruler tool. You can measure the distance between objects, from objects to walls, or even freely between specific points that you consider important.

RoomBox - doors, windows and furniture

Light it up

Next in the first steps decorating, it’s time to plan out your lighting and see what RoomBox has to offer after you’ve placed and positioned each piece of furniture. Consider all light sources, including pendants, flush mounts, and floor lamps.

Place floor lamps near lounge chairs and sofas, as well as table lamps on buffets, consoles, and side tables. As a general rule, every room should have three sources of light at eye level, arranged in a triangular pattern around the room.

With the walk view camera in RoomBox, you’ll be able to see how the lighting looks and make changes.

Remember that with RoomBox you can also play with the warmth and intensity of the light from each lamp, and even with the outside light coming in through the window. It is important that you take your time, that you play with the night mode, even with the inclination of the sun. RoomBox allows you to see how your space will behave under any light variation.

Another piece of advice from photographers is to use natural lighting wherever possible. A bright window, on the other hand, should be avoided because it might cause exposure and white balance issues.

RoomBox - lighting

Cover it up

The first steps decorating can be confusing. Although you may believe that the best time to choose a paint color is at the start, it is recommended that you do so at the end. Select paint samples and compare them to the furniture you’ve chosen until you’ve found the ideal match. Check them against fabric or material samples to ensure that they are compatible. You can also use wallpaper or other types of material from RoomBox if you don’t want to paint according to the same rules.

Remember that in RoomBox you can also modify the colors and materials of the skirting boards and baseboards!

RoomBox - wall color

Fill it up

The first steps decorating continue! Add layers to your space with accessories to make it feel more lived in. People frequently make the mistake of using a lot of small accessories instead of the big pieces first when using RoomBox and in general because they are afraid of committing to a design scheme. 

You’ll avoid ending up with a bunch of small accessories that don’t go together if you choose the larger items first. Consider artwork, storage baskets and trays, coffee table books, coasters, vases, and anything else that might enhance your space while keeping it livable and practical when choosing accessories. Take as much time as you need to come up with new ideas.

The RoomBox Gallery is immense and the possibilities of combining items are infinite…

RoomBox - accessories

Render me

Finally, we’ve come to the last one of the first steps decorating. It’s time to see the end result. When you have finished setting up your space, you can start taking pictures to see the final result. Start by entering the walk view, where you can place the camera to capture the area you want. It is also important to set the tone, use the outdoor light settings to illuminate your space, and select your outdoor image to make the final image as realistic as possible. Once all this is selected, choose the quality and resolution of your image, and voilá!

In a few minutes, you will have a photorealistic image of the space you have created for yourself.

RoomBox - render time
RoomBox - final image
Final image