Feel Like Home Even When Renting

We can guess, with great certainty, that having a place to call home is one of the highest priorities, if not the highest, in the world. A home, that place which is so intimate and so “ours”. A home is, generally speaking, where we will stay for about a third of our lives. And if we add to that new game rules, where you can work from home with the same or higher efficiency, you can imagine the percentage is higher than a third. This makes the need to feel like home unnegotiable, whether it is your first or nineth house, even if you are renting.

What Makes a House Feel Like a Real Home?

As you can imagine, at RoomBox we are really, really professionals, though we are not expert psychologist or sociologist. Yet, we are very good at asking publicly when we have doubts. Of course, we can also read and investigate online. And after asking a good number of people and reading a bunch of articles, we concluded that these are some of the most relevant factors that will transform a house into a real home:

Change the Decoration, Lighting, or the Feeling.

You might choose a rustic style with furnishing from, for example, Kave Home. Imagine that, luckily for you, you rent a house with big windows and get many hours of natural light. You can open RoomBox, recreate your space with that furniture you are dying to buy, and play with the sunlight just to see how it would really look.

Furthermore, by doing this, you can check if the combination of light and textile match with the furniture you already have before purchasing it. And if it doesn’t fit with what you already have, you can just try other models or version till you find the perfect fit.

The Color of the Walls and Textiles.

At a personal level, I enjoy contrasts. A sky-blue wall with dark colored shelves, or warm sand being caressed by the bright sun of a sweet early spring morning.

To visualize these contrasts, first it its important to know yourself and your tastes. It is important to know which color make you feel at peace within.

When you open RoomBox, a good practice would be to simulate a typical moment of the day (a sunset viewed from the couch) and change the color of the walls. With this simple exercise you can get an idea of if that color gives you peace, it feels indifferent, or on the contrary, it stresses you out.

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Pexels – Stacey Gabrielle

Adapt Your Things to the Space, Not the Other Way Around.

When you start renting a house, maybe the furniture in it already fits the place perfectly. But in general, we like mixing things up. We like to add our touch to the place that will be our new home.

For that reason, if you already know the measurements of the room you wish to redecorate, introduce the exact measures in RoomBox and start populating the scene. By doing this, you will be able to see if you are managing well your space or if you need to become Dr. Elastic to move around such tight corners.

It is easier to select new or refurbished furniture that adapt to the house than adapting the house to a single furniture. Simple put, one is more rigid than the other.

What Matters the Most: That You Feel at Home When Renting.

No matter what your new rent looks like, only one thing matters. What really counts is that you, the new person renting that house, feel like home while renting it.

Redecorate without fear. Avoid, as much as you can, making new holds. Paint and furnish as you please. Your home is the most intimate space you can get. It is your fortress, your refuge, the place that holds the most memories.

It will never be perfect, but from our side at RoomBox, we are constantly working to help you make your world a better place. If you want to know more about how RoomBox can do to help you, your current and potential customers, click the button.

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