RoomBox is the perfect online showroom for your products

Design, furnish and decorate any space in 3D.

An easy-to-use intuitive tool for everyone. 


How it works

1. No need to leave your web, keep your own Look & Feel, and available to use on any device.

2. Design any space using your entire catalog in 3D.

3. Get more in sales by offering a personalized and immersive experience. 

Give your business a boost with RoomBox

Get in touch so we can provide you a tool that best suits your needs. Add a new dimension to your business. 



Add RoomBox to your web and let your clients use your digital catalog to furnish and decorate.



Impress your clients by designing a scene in less than 30 minutes and generating photorealistic images.



Easily create projects and generate high-quality visual content of your products.

Photorealistic images

Create, enjoy and sell by turning your clients’ designs into reality. Get photorealistic images and 360 panoramas in minutes with Cloud rendering in a single click.

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Increase your sales with a new digital showcase. Your customers will have fun shopping with an immersive 3D experience.
Available for web and apps.