La herramienta online más innovadora para la venta digital de mobiliario y decoración.

Add a new dimension to the way you sell your products.

A digital showroom for your business to design, furnish and decorate any space. An intuitive and easy-to-use tool.
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Without leaving your website, with your same Look & Feel, and from any device.
Make your clients enjoy decorating their home while using your entire 3D-modeled catalog.
Grow your sales by offering a realistic and personalized experience. Empower your clients to create and get excited with all the combinations you can offer.

Realistic images thanks to Cloud

Creating, exciting and selling is easy when your customer’s design is turned into reality. Get photorealistic images thanks to cloud rendering with one simple click and in a matter of minutes.

Imágenes Realistas

Ofrece a tus clientes todas las imágenes fotorrealistas que quieras de sus proyectos. Convence, emociona y genera una experiencia única de tus diseños.

Real Lighting

Lifelike lighting simulation of the home to create different ambiences with their furniture combination of choice.

Cloud Rendering

You just need one click to get photorealistic images in a matter of minutes.

Item Gallery

Present the entirety of your catalog pre-categorized as you see fit to offer a pleasant customer experience.

Walk View

Walk inside the scene, observe it all as if you were there, and interact with all the objects in the room.

3D home's floor plan

Take your clients' 2D to 3D for a better preview of their creations and help them with their final decision.


Embedded on your website. Customize the tool with your company brand standards.

More Sales

Improve your conversion rate on your website with the cart for your customers’ convenience.

Available for Web, Android, Windows and MacOS

Modeling services

We offer modeling services to guarantee the value proposition of your catalog and ensure the optimum experience for your customers.

This service includes generating new models as well as reviewing your existing models 3D catalog.

Created for your interior design team.

Use RoomBox Desktop with even more advanced features for more professional interior designs.

Grant your specialized team a higher control over projects, with high quality finishes and more customization construction options.

Start using RoomBox.