Bring 2D to 3D in Minutes  

    Hyper-Realistic Rendering  

  Interactive Design Workflow 

    Multilight ™  

   Limitless Styles  

Hundred of assets  



What is RoomBox?

RoomBox is an agile 3D platform for design creation, modification and high-eznd visualization, a perfect solution for architects, interior designers, and franchise companies alike. It allows you to create a 3D model from a 2D plan in minutes. Tweak it as you wish to create different scenarios. The final result? Top-quality photorealistic images that accurately reflect the original architectural plan. Use them to WOW your clients or to apply the interior design to your company building.

Users don’t have to be 3D experts to bring a project to life. They can intuitively use RoomBox independently or in teams, making changes and quick decisions in a collaborative environment.

 Bring 2D to 3D in minutes

The agile 2D to 3D workflow lets you bring an ArchiCAD plan to the 3D platform in no time. A few clicks and you have your working space to fill with furniture and decorations. The dimensions are strictly respected and there is no margin of error. Feel safe to dive into the world of interior design!

Interactive Design Workflow

Easily adapt the same space to a variety of scenarios. Different decoration styles can be configured and iterated in one-click. Your 3D building can be turned from a home to an office and then to a restaurant. The furniture you bring to the project is effortlessly placed and duplicated to save you time.

Plus, cloud-based public and private asset galleries. Get free assets from the public one and save your personal objects in the private one.

  Limitless Styles

Play with limitless furniture combinations, style options and lighting configurations. Add and remove assets as you please, modifying materials and textures freely to fit a certain style. 

Having options is empowering!

  Hyper-Realistic Rendering

Achieve industry-standard visualizations based on the notorious Maxwell Render engine, integrated in RoomBox. All final renders come from the same platform, take as many as you like, including 360 versions and short animations.


The Multilight™ function allows the designer to change lighting conditions in real time. No new renders needed! Give your design a different feel using light and test it during different times of the day, all within the 3D platform RoomBox.

Hundred of Assets

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